Thumbs down because this fundraising appeal sucksI was in a service club meeting, hearing an extremely compelling story of a nonprofit outreach. The people were passionate, the results were impressive.

And then they ruined it. They said something like:

“We’ll be seeking sponsorships because, well, we’re a nonprofit so we have no money.”

For the record, that type of fundraising appeal sucks.

Sadly, it’s the third time I’ve heard it in as many months. Nonprofits crying poverty. Often it’s said as a throw away phrase.

Stop it!

You’d never buy a product from a store because the store owner said, “We need the money.” You’d feel a bit creeped out and possibly manipulated. And you’d figure he didn’t know how to handle his money.

So stop doing that to the rest of us with your nonprofit’s pitch.

I know fundraising can be uncomfortable. But if you have a compelling story, just ask! Learn to read the crowd. If they’re with you, ask for the gift.

And if it’s not a time to ask yet say, “We’ll be seeking sponsorships because we know businesses will love to have their brand associated with such amazing outcomes.”

Not, “because we have no money.”

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