I love the DISC personality assessment, especially as taught by Personality Insights.

Today, my daughter gave me a perfect example of an S!

I just took two of my kids to the library in my Prius. My son sat up front; my 9 y.o. daughter in back. I noticed she chose to sit in the middle and thought it odd, but didn’t really think about it. As we got to the library, she even said how awesome it was to be the only person in the backseat–she got all the room to herself. She was truly grateful and proud.

It wasn’t until after we got back home, that I saw there were two carseats back there! Two! She’d simply taken the narrow empty space in the middle without rocking the boat by disturbing the other carseats. And she was sincerely happy to have “all that space”!

That is the wonderful quality of a high-S. As an outgoing I and D, I would’ve probably hit a window as I roughly tossed one of the carseats aside. But not her. She quietly slipped in and reveled in the backseat harmony of being alone.

We definitely need S’s on our team. If you’re an upfront, high-energy person, think twice before you write off people you don’t like. Maybe that person is a high-S. And maybe, just maybe, some of their natural contentment will rub off on you!

For a brief introduction to the four types, check out the video of my introduction to the DISC personality assessment.

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