DISC personality assessment for fundraisersI love assessments and tests. I love taking the MBTI and the Highlands Ability Battery.

One of the most popular things I share in my fundraising trainings is the D.I.S.C. personality assessment. People love how it helps them not only relate to donors but to their own teams too.

We’re moving into a long weekend here in the USA. Many of you will have a high likelihood of interacting with extended family. So I though I’d share this video clip introducing the D.I.S.C components. It’s a 9+ minute segment taken from the middle of a keynote I delivered last fall at the Tonic Conference, a conference for leaders of grassroots charities in New Zealand.

The conference asked me to speak on “The importance of relationships” so I subtitled this speech, “How to be human again.” 🙂

Sorry about the audio. It’s not your computer, it’s the recording.

Big thanks to my friend and video editing ninja Jon Swanson for his skills in making this clip look good!

You can see the unedited version (including an awkward sheep reference) at: https://fundraisingcoach.com/how-to-be-human/

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