As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I love the DiSC personality system. And I’m amazed at how obvious these character traits can be in real life!


High-D types are people that are extroverted, fast-paced individuals more focused on getting tasks done than on how people feel. They are determined and driving. They can also be pretty destructive if they are left to their own devices. [Full disclosure: I’m a high-I and a high-D.]

High-D people run companies, and usually run them very well. Given these characteristics, my wife and I often joke that our high-D 6 year old daughter will be running a corporation one day.

A high-D 6 year old

Just this morning, my wife gave our high-D 6 year old a list of tasks to accomplish. (D’s thrive on tasks to accomplish.) She said something like: “Go get breakfast, clean up your room, and put away your clothes.”

As she was leaving, our daughter turned to us and said,

“Just so you know, I don’t have enough people to do all of that at once.”

HA! When she left, we cracked up! She’d basically said,”Mom, Dad, I am currently under-staffed.” There appears to be no question in her mind that she will have people doing the work for her. The problem is there currently aren’t enough!!

God help us parent her until she does have a staff! 🙂

For a brief introduction to the four types, check out the video of my introduction to the DISC personality assessment.

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