Image of a calendar to illustrate adding an extra month of fundraisingAs we start 2013, I thought I’d share with you an idea from the beginning of my latest book, Fundraising Kick: how you can create an additional month of fundraising this year.

Sounds over the top, doesn’t it?

But if you devote 1 hour a day for each work day to fundraising, you would be devoting up to around 250 hours a year. That’s more than 31 work days!

That’s one month. An entire month!

How would your fundraising program improve by your adding a half hour in the morning and one in the afternoon, solely dedicated to working with donors?

What if you could only devote 1 hour a week? That would still be more than 6 work days! How many asks could you make in an hour? How many major gift visits could you set up? 2? 3? 10?

Do it now!

This is going to be a tough fundraising year. But only those dedicated to asking will be successful. So today, I challenge you to block one hour a week as a repeating event on your calendar.

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