Care and feeding of Presidents | February 2014 Nonprofit Blog Carnival Call for Submissions

Mt. Rushmore close up courtesy of StuSeeger on Flickr. French fries & straw added by Marc A. Pitman

I’m honored to be hosting the February 2014 Nonprofit Blog Carnival!

In previous years, February has been dedicated to how to show yourself (the fundraiser) some love and how to show donors love so they’ll want to keep coming back.

This year, we’re going to take a different approach.

Send me your Presidents, your CEO’s, your Executive Directors…

I’ve been thinking about President’s Day happening in the same month as Valentine’s Day. (Here in the USA anyway!)

As a fundraising coach, I hear from a lot of frustrated CEO’s and Executive Directors. Some think that hiring a development person would allow them to not have to fundraise. Others aren’t quite sure what the fundraising staff does. Still others love fundraising but don’t have boards that support the staffing required to free them up to communicate with donors.

Let’s help them!

If you write a blog in February about CEO’s or Executive Directors in nonprofits, submit it to by Friday, February 21st to be considered for the round-up at the end of the month!

What would you say to these leaders?

Your blog post could be anything. It could be:

  • an open letter to an Executive Director
  • 10 things every CEO should know about fundraising
  • scheduling tips to allow presidents more time with donors
  • advice to a board on how to support an executive who is fundraising
  • staffing tips for CEOs that will free them up to fundraise
  • or just about anything else

As long as it involves the senior leaders in a nonprofit, submit it for consideration.

How to submit your post

Submitting your posts to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival couldn’t be easier. Just send both:

  1. the URL of your post and
  2. a 2-3 summary of your post

to by Friday, February 21st to be considered! I’ll be reviewing all submissions and choosing ones for inclusion in a “blog round up” post at the end of February.

To get an idea of what posts were used in January, check out the January round up on Beth Kanter’s blog.

The Nonprofit Blog Carnival happens each month. Sign up for reminders at To learn more, check out What Is the Nonprofit Blog Carnival? and Nonprofit Blog Carnival Archives.

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