Church Executive- Raising Funds Through Social MediaThis month’s Church Executive features an interview with me on how pastors can use social media for fundraising. The editor pulled out 15 of the most important tips I’ve learned, both pastoring a church and in coaching church planters and others in ministry fundraising. It was fun to see what she chose!

Social media tips for online fundraising

  1. It’s OK to ask for money. Really.
  2. Larger gifts require face time.
  3. Don’t always be closing.
  4. Lead with the vision.
  5. Whatever you do online, do it regularly.
  6. Listen first.
  7. Think like an event planner.
  8. Twitter tips.
  9. Go beyond the norm.
  10. Publicize your social media activity.

Read the expanded text including comments about each item and the last 5 social media tips over at the Church Executive website.

Going Digital for His Kingdom Conferences

Going Digital for His KingdomThis interview is in conjunction with my participation in the exciting new Going Digital for His Kingdom series of conferences. They endeavor:

“to train, motivate and inspire attendees who are interested in the effective use of media and social media to grow their ministries, non-profit organizations, media ministries, and faith based businesses.”

The first conference is this month in Chicago with subsequent events this fall in Washington DC, Nashville, Miami, and Las Vegas. Go to the Going Digital for His Kingdom website to see the dates and get your seat today!

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