Private coaching clients have been emailing me the doom and gloom articles on the latest Giving USA report. Giving was up about $3 billion but when adjusted for inflation, giving was down in 2018.

This should grab our attention. But not for the reasons you think.

In answering a coaching client today, I ended up writing a blog post and giving links to other people’s analyses of the state of giving. You can read it at: What Leaders Need to know about Giving in 2019

This WILL be on the test

As a leader in your nonprofit, you need to know this stuff. It’s about your organization’s revenue. It’s worth your time.

This will be on the test.

Top line: nonprofits can succumb to doom and gloom and believe that the news applies to them. Doing that will become a self fulfilling prophecy – they will raise less money.

But you can use the details in this report and the larger trends that are being tracked to double down on the basics of asking donors well and telling them how important they are.

Continuing to improve in asking and thanking will serve you well. But take the time to read the entire blog post over on The Concord Leadership Group blog: What Leaders Need to know about Giving in 2019 at

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