One of the hard truths about fundraising is that: fundraising isn’t always fun.

Good fundraising is

  • tedious,
  • meticulous,
  • regular,
  • pleasant persistence. (Even when you don’t feel like being pleasant.)

If you’re not getting the results you want, look at your own activity. For example, if “no one” is getting back to you, are you really attempting to connect with people? Or are you just making a couple calls? The Veritus Group reminds us it can take six or seven attempts to actually connect with major gift donors.

Or maybe you’re not even reaching out. Sometimes it feels safer to have a long prospect list without any “no’s” than to actually reach out to people. Maybe it’s time to get a bit uncomfortable by reaching out to them.

The good news? Activity does produce results. Don’t think you’ll wait until the fall. Or until year-end. Every time of the year has people who’ll give.

Don’t grow weary in doing the right things. It’s our job to keep in front of them and be ready for the people who are ready to give now.

It’s our job to continue to be pleasantly persistent. Sometimes it’s boring. But it’s the foundation of good fundraising.

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