This week, I shared with my Fundraising Kick subscribers that I recently heard Stevie Wonders “I just called, to say, I love you.” (Sorry for putting that earworm in your head. And you’re welcome.)

Which had me thinking about fundraising calls nonprofit leaders make. So often the emphasis in fundraising is – rightly – an emphasis on “raising.” Asking. Talking about money. Discussing the donor’s investment in your cause.

And that is good. Bills need to get paid. And your time is valuable – you have other things your organization needs you to do.

As those of you who’ve been coached by me know, I’m an “asking forward” kind of guy. I like to ask early. And to ask often.

So it’s great if your calls err on the side of asking.

But not all calls need to be asking.

Asking is just PART of this process

GIF of Stevie Wonder signing "I Just Called To Say I Love You" to remind nonprofit fundraisers to make those calls tooAsking is one part of the relationship. Not the whole thing. You are developing a growing relationship with the donor; and with them and your cause.

So, if you’re game and if your bills have the room for it, this week, try taking a note from Stevie Wonder and make your 5 – 10 calls “love” calls. If you want to challenge yourself, even go beyond thank you calls to all-about-the-other-person calls. Calls like “You do so much for us, what might we be able to do for you?” or “I was just talking to this person last week. Would it help you if I connected you?”

If you accept this challenge, leave a comment letting us know how it feels!

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