Is it about us, or about them?

Chris Busch has a great blog post on the differences of political campaign websites. You may remember that in the “Create a Cause” tenent Creating Donor Evangelists, I recommend looking at political sites to see what they do well. Well check out the sites...

Are you in the club?

Let’s revisit the idea of clubs. In his article, Michael Masterson gives an example of a dining club. Summing up the example, he states: The basic elements of a club that are at work in this example: Association with like-minded people This is the fraternal...

Identifying your fans

Would you recommend us to your friends? On a recent teleclass, Jackie Huba says this is one of the best questions to help you identify your organization’s fans. You should be able to listen to the podcast here.

Before & After

Today, I’m giving my Creating Donor Evangelists seminar at the annual conference of the New England Association of Healthcare Philanthropy. Part of that seminar involves posting the pictures of real people that are impacted by your mission. Your...
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