Nonprofit Blog Carnival - Self-care for nonprofit staff and fundraisers

How do you take care of yourself as a fundraising? | Nonprofit Blog CarnivalNonprofit's can be incredibly crushing places to work. We give all we have because we believe in our cause. Our passion is admirable but leads to bad choices about our own lives.

I'd argue this is especially true for fundraisers. People don't really get what we do. And when we're successful, the bar gets raised!

Either way, it's like killing the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs in hopes of getting more gold. It just kills the goose and stops the eggs.

So Valentine's Day seemed like a great excuse for this month's Nonprofit Blog Carnival to share ideas on how we as fundraisers need to take care of ourself.

Here is the Nonprofit Blog Carnival roundup

As a bonus, check out the 11 steps for having fun at work! 11 Ways to Motivate Employees and Make Fun at Work. It’s from the “Chief Effective Officer” at! I figure if blinds people know how to take care of themselves, surely there’s a lesson for us! 🙂

And, lest we forget that our donors are the ones changing the world, Jeff Brooks has a great reminder of 5 Ways to Love Your Donors.

What ways do YOU take care of yourself?

Tell us here in the comments!

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  1. How do I take care of myself. 1. Do the will of God each day. 2. Declare the day a great day when I wake up and affirm that I am in love with life. 3. Be slow to anger. 4. Be angry but do not do anything stupid. 5. Never let the sun go down on my anger. Any form of anger that is still in my system needs to be dwelt with to restore the power of love, joy of forgiveness, and the peace of a humble heart.

  2. I affirm what Margaux Smith posted about "Reminding Yourself WHY". There's nothing more energizing than getting out on the field and seeing the changed lives your work produces. Watching the mission being carried out, seeing the vision accomplished, is not only good for our own souls but renewing for our fundraising. We paint a better picture of the vision for our donors when we have a fresh, envigorated (and current) picture in our own hearts and minds. When one of my staff asked a donor why he gave the donor answered "Because when you talk about the mission I see the fire in your eyes." Renew your passion regularly!

  3. Terrific reminder and a great group of posts, Marc! It's so true that we can't love others until we first love ourselves.

  4. Thanks so much for posting about self care Marc!

    Here's how I take care of myself
    1. Big cup of tea
    2. Terry Pratchett Book
    3. Snuggling under the blankets!

    Wash, rinse, repeat! Nothing like a laugh to end a hard working day! 🙂


  5. In the summer, I love to head off on a bike ride along one of our gorgeous rails to trails paths. Though last week we saw a Snowy Owl at one of our favorite winter nature walks. That was a great recharge.

    I'm with Mazarine on the tea and blanket snugging right now.

    And good friends. Always good friends.

  6. Hm ... when I'm needing to recharge, I need to hang out with me, myself, and I. Doesn't matter much what I do (garden, piano, reading, etc.), but I just need to do it on my own program.

  7. Thanks Marc for compiling all of these great ideas! Having a hobby is essential for me (but where do we find the time?). I completely lose track of time when I start sculpting. It's very rejuvenating to see something emerge from a piece of clay. And tea sounds good too!

  8. Thanks everyone! These additions add to the post!

  9. How true that in our dedication to promote our cause and get more people to care, we forget to care for ourselves. Thanks for the reminder and the tips. Great roundup.

  10. I think this is a particularly timely subject. In this day of hectic schedules and fast-paced work, it's more important than ever to take care of ourselves. Otherwise, we face burnout.

    Sandy Rees


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