Free Donor Stewardship Class!

Stewardship School Tutoring Hour

[UPDATED 9/2/14 with the recording of the special hour-plus long class!] We’re rapidly moving toward the most generous time of the year. Many nonprofits see 30% or more of their annual donations in December. But according to recent studies by Google, September is when donors start making their year-end giving decisions. Will you retain your [...]

Why I pay for the Chronicle of Philanthropy

Why I pay for the Chronicle of Philanthropy

Years ago, the school that employed me as a fundraiser paid for a subscription to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. So when I began running a development shop, I made sure the Chronicle subscription was in my budget. But then, somewhere along the line, I realized two things: The stack of Chronicles just kept piling up [...]

The 5 Best Leadership Books for Nonprofit Leaders

The 5 Best Leadership Books for Nonprofit Leaders

An executive coaching client recently asked me about my favorite 2 or 3 leadership books. Here are the first five that came to mind. Not surprisingly, each one is within easy reach of my desk. And I find myself thinking about their concepts or quoting them practically every week. Influence, Robert Cialdini In most of [...]

Does Amazon’s new “Smile” mean a windfall for your nonprofit’s year-end fundraising?

Amazon Smile: A boon to your nonprofit?

I’m not a fan of “fundraising sales” like cookie dough, pizza kits, wrapping paper, raffle tickets, or popcorn. I think they do have a place in the realm of fundraising. But while I love asking for money, I don’t like doing this type of sale. So it’s probably no surprise that I’ve never been a [...]

Ambiguity is killing your fundraising

Targetwitharcher-Some rights reserved by comedy_nose on Flickr.320w.jpg

A few weeks back, I shared with my Fundraising Kick members a conversation I had with a friend asking me for a donation. In short, he asked me to consider “supporting” his nonprofit. I’m thrilled he asked. That is a huge start. But I couldn’t resist the opportunity to coach him into asking more effectively. [...]

WGN’s Bill Leff Show: Keeping donors safe, and a little Stanley Cup smack talk

Audio of Bill Leff's interview of Marc Pitman on WGN Radio

Last Friday, I got to be interviewed by WGN Radio’s Bill Leff We talked about the Tampa Bay report on the 50 Worst Charities and how donors can protect themselves. We also engaged in a little friendly Stanley Cup smack talk. :) You can hear the 10 minute interview on the WGN Radio site or [...]

Flipboard features the new magazine “The Fundraising Life”

Flipboard features new magazine "The Fundraising Life" by Marc A. Pitman

I love using Flipboard. It’s a handy app got me back into regular blog reading. This spring, they created a way for users to build their own magazines. It is a simple way for users to curate content. Content curation is a huge life skill, at least for online work. So last month when my [...]