public domain image of William and KateI woke up this morning to my Twitter stream being filled with tweets about the royal wedding–both people watching it and people tweeting about people watching it!

Those tweets got me thinking about fundraising…because that’s just how I am. 🙂

3 Ways the Royal Wedding is like fundraising

  1. The royal wedding involved mutual vetting
    Just like in fundraising, both parties needed to do their research and engaging to vet each other. In fundraising, donors want to back a winner. For nonprofits, they want to receive gifts from donors that don’t have lots of strings attached (so they don’t run into people wanting multi-million dollar “gifts” back).
  2. The royal wedding involves the entire community
    I’m amazed at how the royal wedding has captured the attention of so many. I remember being enamored with the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana. It was all over the TV. But now it’s all over all sorts of media. Nonprofits can do that too. Nonprofits should be inviting more than just the donor and staff to the fundraising party. They should communicate and celebrate in as many ways as possible.
  3. The royal wedding required an ask.
    There wouldn’t be a wedding if William didn’t ask Kate (or Kate ask William…I haven’t been following it too closely!). So to in fundraising. Not asking virtually guarantees not receiving a gift. Someone’s going to have to ask.

Those are the first three things that came to mind. What would you add?

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