Bing is much more relevant to nonprofit marketingI’m a huge fan of Google. I’ve written about Google Calendar, Google Trends, Google+ for nonprofits, and do most of my work in Gmail and Google Drive.

So tools like Bing fly under my radar.

Don’t miss out on Bing

Google is still the biggest search engine on the planet. So paying attention to SEO that matters to Google is critical.

But Facebook is the biggest social media site on the planet. Did you know Bing is the search engine that controls all the “web search” searches on Facebook?

Bing on Facebook - nonprofits beware!

So when people are doing searches on Facebook, if your site isn’t optimized for Bing too, you could be missing out on traffic. You see, when someone searches on Facebook, and the answer isn’t apparent, “web search” is the first option.

Bing webmaster tools

To avoid making that mistake, SEO experts suggest setting up your site in the webmaster tools in Bing just as you would with Google Webmaster Tools.

Just go over and set up your website at:

Then you’ll be on the road to not missing any web traffic from Facebook!

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