I just sent this out to everyone getting weekly #FollowUpFriday email reminders:

It's #FollowUpFriday!It's Follow Up Friday! Over on the http://followupfriday.org/ page, D.C. Dreger quoted a John Grisham character calling today "fish Friday." D.C. says,
"These are contacts and calls that have been sitting around for a while so, like fish, they are beginning to stink. He sets aside time to make the contacts and calls so his Monday is a fresh start."
What if today you took time to clear your fish pile?

Schedule time to follow up! And let us know what follow up you do today by leaving a comment at http://FollowUpFriday.org/ just like D.C. did. Or by using the hashtag #FollowUpFriday when you post to social media!

Will you commit to clearing the fish pile this #FollowUpFriday?

The image of fish piling up and beginning to smell is powerful. Will you allow yourself the gift of a fresh start?

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