Years ago, I wrote about Zig Ziglar teaching that nobody wants a drill. He said millions of drills are sold every year. But no one wants a drill. They want a hole.

The same is true with donors.

No donor wants to make a donation. Donors want the value the donation will make.

So tell them about that. Tell them about the change their gift will make. (Or that their gift has made.)

Get your organization out of your nonprofit’s storytelling. Instead, tie the donor directly to the impact.

Not: “Because of your gift, we were able to do this amazing thing.”

But: “You did this amazing thing because of your gift.”

Stop selling drills. Sell holes.

As you go through this week, see if you can stop selling drills. Rather than talking about donations, talk about the great things donors are making possible.

It may sound like merely semantics. But people who’ve attended the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference are finding is doubling and tripling their donations.

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