This fundraising appeal sucks

I was in a service club meeting, hearing an extremely compelling story of a nonprofit outreach. The people were passionate, the results were impressive. And then they ruined it. They said something like: “We’ll be seeking sponsorships because, well,...

Are you trying to sell a bailout?

Chris Busch has an interesting comment about the “branding” of the bailout bill. He comments that since nobody likes a bailout, terms like “workout” should be used instead. The branding of the legislation is shifting already. I’m...

Fundraising Secret #6: ALWAYS use a PS

In Fundraising Secret #5: Use Blue Ink, I encouraged you to enhance your direct mail with a simple bit of color. Another oft overlooked tool in fundraising letters is the P.S. Postscripts are so important to fundraising letters, I often tell seminar attendees that...
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