As I mentioned in an earlier post, Ask Without Fear! was listed on two years ago.

Last week I asked for suggestions about songs that dealt with Research. Some of the answers were:

  • “The Gambler” Kenny Rogers
  • “Private Eyes are Watching you” Hall & Oates
  • “If I had a milliion dollars” BNL
  • “She Blinded Me with Science” Thomas Dolby
  • “I always feel like somebody’s watching me” Rockwell
  • The theme from “Jaws”
  • “Money” Pink Floyd

So now lets’s work on the rest of the steps.

What songs would you suggest for:

  • Step #2: Engage,
  • Step #3: Ask, (including handling objections) and
  • Step #4: Love

I’m thinking “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” would fit for “engage” and “Love Train” for “Love.” What about you?

Let’s have fun with this!

As with the first post, feel free to give suggestions by commenting on this blog post, tweeting me suggestions, blip-ing me suggestions, Facebooking suggestions, or email me suggestions to!

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