Google Plus for nonprofits

If you’ve been waiting to join Google+ until your nonprofit or organization could have a presence on Google+?

The wait is over.

About 30 minutes ago, Google opened up Google+ Pages!

I’ve scoured their introductory material and have found references to pages being for “businesses, organizations, and groups.” There appear to be no explicit restrictions on nonprofits.

As I told folks in my “Google+ for Nonprofits” webinar last week at Blogworld Expo, I highly recommend using Google as individuals. But now you can have a sanctioned place for your organization too!

Here are some reasons I think Google+ is going to become the way nonprofits communicate with their donors.

  • Google+ is wonderful for sharing pictures and videos as well as really detailed posts
  • Google+ circles allow you to communicate solely with donors or your board or your staff
  • Google+ allows you to follow anyone you want, without having to get “permission” like you do on Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Google is already driving the majority of traffic to nonprofit sites so why wouldn’t you jump on board when they roll out a search engine changing platform like Google+?

Get your own nonprofit page at Pages for Google+!


In the time it took me to write this post, Google must’ve received all the Page entries they wanted. I’m now getting an “it’s not open to everyone” image. *sigh* I guess they’ll be rolling out invitations similar to the way they did with people. I’ll let you know if I get any invites.

In the meantime, I highly recommend getting your personal profile set up. Be sure to include links to your nonprofit!

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