DSCF5191I love helping nonprofits communicate their story more clearly. Last week, the tweets from the “Great Super Bowl Blackout” provided a great object lesson in how to harness social media platforms like Twitter for getting attention. Even for getting free media coverage.

In my post, I share the links to the corporate tweets. They are fun and witty. In the comments there is a link to a couple of examples of nonprofit tweets. While I’m impressed that they tried to use the blackout shrewdly, these tweets are heavy handed.

I’m not sure if you know, but I but one of my forms of coaching is a weekly email called Fundraising Kick. Last week, I encouraged my “Kickers” to give themselves permission to be funny on social media.

Humor is a lubricant for spreading great ideas

As a nonprofit professional or volunteer, you are engaged in changing the world. This is lofty business. Likely you came to see the need to change the world in the way you are over a period of time.

To reach more people, you need to start where they are, not where you are.

Practice humor this week..Seriously

So this week as you watch the news of listen to NPR, try making humorous tie-ins with the news story and your cause.

Humor doesn’t mean cheapening the work you do. It involves seeing odd tie-ins. It involves having fun. And it involves not taking ourselves too seriously.

Happily, as we learn to take ourselves less seriously while remaining 100% committed to what we do, we’ll find it much easier to raise money and connect with donors.

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