Cover image for npEXPERTS: Online Marketing Insights for Nonprofits: Learn how to use nonprofit marketing to connect with supporters, activate your donor base, and raise money online.I’m honored to be one 20 experts included in the ebook: npEXPERTS: Online Marketing Insights for Nonprofits. In this ebook, we share tips, tricks and stories on “how to use nonprofit marketing to connect with supporters, activate your donor base, and raise money online.”

Even better, the ebook is free for the taking. It proved so popular this morning that it crashed the server! But they have that fixed now!

You can get your copy of it at the npEXPERTS page.

Other authors include the likes of Beth Kanter, Farra Trompeter, Roger Craver, Amy Sample Ward, Kivi Leroux Miller, John Haydon, and myself.

Here’s a video explaining more:

Learn more and get the book at the npEXPERTS page.

Chapters include

The chapters in the ebook are:

Foreword by Frank Barry

Social Media

6 Steps to a Well-Measured Social Fundraising Campaign by Beth Kanter
6 Specific Challenges Online Fundraisers Should Consider When Using Facebook by John Haydon
Three Ways to Use Social Media in Your Next Campaign by Amy Sample Ward
Social Media and Its Relationship with Online Fundraising by Carie Lewis

Email Marketing

The Science of Email by Steve MacLaughlin
Speak to the Inner Angel, Not the Inner Bookkeeper by Kivi Leroux Miller
Want to Raise Money Online? Don’t Forget about Email By Farra Trompeter
Nonprofits + Internet = People Inspiring People by Ted Hart, ACFRE


Getting Personal with Mobile Optimization by Ben Wong
Mobile Fundraising by Jeff Patrick

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Expanding Beyond the Fundraising Event by Robyn Mendez
Think High-Tech / High-Touch to Optimize Peer-to-Peer Fundraising by David Hessekiel
Convert Peer-to-Peer Donors into Recurring Online Donors by Jono Smith
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising IS a Social Medium by Donna Wilkins

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing: Yesterday and Today by Dennis McCarthy
Your Donors Don’t Live Only Online or Only Offline, So Why Do Your Communications? by Marc A. Pitman
Integrated Marketing and Online Fundraising by Roger M. Craver
Online Fundraising by Scott Pearl
Improving Direct Marketing Response with Online Advertising by Richard Becker

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