Cover image of Nonprofit Social Media: A beginner's guide to building donor relationships from your deskAmazon is promoting my newest book Nonprofit Social Media: A beginner’s guide to building donor relationships from your desk.

On Thursday, July 18, Amazon is giving the Kindle version away for free. Just go to to see if they’ve set it up for free.

This book is not written for techies or geeks. This is written for normal people working in and around nonprofits.

I wrote this book because I am always getting questions about how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to market and fundraise for nonprofits. One time, a friends bought me lunch to hear me talk about YouTube. YouTube! I knew about YouTube but I don’t use it as much as others. Well, I talked straight for close to 90-minutes with technical tips and broader strategy ideas for her to use.

To help you get an idea of what’s in the book, here’s the Table of Contents:
Too often, I find nonprofit people eager to jump into Twitter or Facebook without having a decent website or an email list to attract people to. This book is based on my 14 years of experience in blogging and online marketing, including being an early adopter of many social media platforms.

This book isn’t for people who “get” social media. This book is specifically for beginners. Even though I’m a geek who writes blog posts in HTML, I’ve worked hard to keep it understandable for new people.

This book is perfect for nonprofit volunteers and staff looking to get a firm foundation in their online presence, looking to grow their database and fundraising, and interested in doing it inexpensively and without being dependent on a support team or outsourced designer. I knew I studied this stuff, but I didn’t realize how much of the things I knew that others didn’t.

I’ve also taught courses on internet marketing for business and for fundraising at colleges and graduate schools. In fact, this book was written to be the textbook for my class on “Using Social Media for Nonprofits” at the University of Southern Maine last April.

The content is good. If you’re a beginner.

To help you know what’s inside, here is the table of contents:

Chapter 1 Why Social Media?
Chapter 2 What is Social Media?
Chapter 3 Creating a Solid Strategy & Measuring ROI
Chapter 4 Finding Your Target Audience
Chapter 5 SEO For Your Nonprofit
Chapter 6 Your Own Website
Chapter 7 Blogging
Chapter 8 Email
Chapter 9 Google and Google+
Chapter 10 Facebook
Chapter 11 Twitter
Chapter 12 YouTube
Chapter 13 LinkedIn
Chapter 14 Seven More Social Media Sites to Check Out
Chapter 15 Some Final Thoughts on Staying Sane

The book is free today, July 18

Check it out at!

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