Train Your Board to Raise Money -KihlstedtRobinson-300wI love finding practical tools that can help nonprofits thrive. The new book Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money is just that.

Crisis with nonprofit boards

Gone are the days when boards could be rubber-stamping social clubs. More than ever, nonprofits needs boards that will advocate for their cause. Interestingly, board members are increasingly wanting to be advocates. Unfortunately, most existing systems don’t address either the nonprofit need for engaged boards or board members’ desire for engagement.

Train Your Board to Raise Money can help. The authors, Andrea Kihlstedt and Andy Robinson, call this book a “cookbook of easy-to-Use fundraising exercises.” And they are right!

They have divided the exercises into 8 sections:

  1. Reducing Barriers to Fundraising (7 exercises)
  2. Debunking Fundraising Myths (5 exercises)
  3. Making the Case (8 exercises)
  4. Building Blocks for Success (8 exercises)
  5. Finding People to Ask (7 exercises)
  6. Asking for the Gift (8 exercises)
  7. After the Ask (4 exercises)
  8. Asking in Other Ways (4 exercises)

They even have “suggested menus,” 12 remixed combinations of exercises for specific training purposes like:

  • Give Confidence to the Fundraising-Phobic (6 exercises)
  • Help People Tell Your Story (7 exercises)
  • New Board Member Training (4 exercises)
  • Prepare for a House Party (3 exercises)
  • Train Your Program Staff about Fundraising (5 exercises)

But I hate exercises

I know. I don’t like exercises either. Too often they seem contrived and trite. But as Kihlstedt and Robinson point out, “People will remember what they do, not what you say.” And by following the advice of these two seasoned trainers, you’ll be able to avoid the “canned” feeling of usual exercises. (I’ve been in trainings with both of the authors. They are good.)

One of the most helpful sections of this book is a short section called “Getting Started as a Trainer.” There are recommendations from what color markers to use in presenting, how to keep things moving, and loads of logistics tips. Each exercise is loaded with icons to help you, including how much time it should take. Close to two dozen are under 20-minutes!

Great addition to your board training

I highly recommend this book. Board members and nonprofits want a change. Train Your Board (and everyone else) to Raise Money can help you create that change. If you aren’t convinced, check out this free video version of just one of their exercises at (Special for readers: If you want the video version, readers get a special discount and bonus DVD – but only until Friday, December 19! – by using the coupon code: FC25)

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