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If you raise money for a hospital, or are thinking of moving into that career, you need to register for the The Hospital Fundraising Summit. It’s coming April 6 – 12 and gathering 48 of us, giving over 70 sessions!

The schedule for The Hospital Fundraising Summit

I’ve just heard that the schedule for The Hospital Fundraising Summit is now final. Each session is available for viewing for 24 hours only, starting at 08:00 am Eastern Time.

Here is the schedule, arranged by track. (Mine sessions are in the “Grateful Patients” and “Donor Communications” sections.


  • Bloom, Carl: 25 Proven Ways to Generate Individual Gifts for Your Hospital with Direct Response Fundraising
  • Bloom, Carl: How to Build a Direct Response Fundraising Program that Delivers High Value, Long-Term Return on Investment
  • Checkoway, Nelson: Pushing the Envelope: Thinking Unconventionally for Direct Mail Fundraising Success
  • Hoppe, Peter: Mid-Level Giving: Paving the Way to Major and Planned Gifts for Your Hospital
  • Hoppe, Peter: 20 Things You Should Know Before Planning Your Next Hospital Direct Response Campaign
  • Kravinchuk , David: The 5-cent Fundraising Phenomenon
  • McKinnon, Harvey: Run a Successful Monthly Giving Program for Your Hospital
  • Olsen, Andrew: Turn Your Hospital Newsletter Into a Moneymaker
  • Wester, Lynne: Improve First Time Donor Retention Rates for Your Hospital


  • Axelrad, Claire: Overcome Your Board’s Fear of Fundraising, Once and for All
  • Perry, Gail: How to get your hospital foundation board members to open doors to major gifts
  • Weisman, Carol: Getting your Board Productively Involved in Fundraising


  • Antarakis, Dominique: How to Effectively Gather and Share Patient Stories for Hospital Fundraising
  • Carley, Catherine: Direct Mail Patient Acquisition and Renewal Best Practices
  • Blease, Kimberley and Michelle Carter: The Changing Face of Donor Acquisition for Hospitals
  • Pitman, Marc: Grateful Patient Programs: Top 10 Best Practices


  • Egles, Sue: Shake Hands with Your Future: Introducing the Revolutionary New Way to Conduct Campaign Feasibility Studies
  • Lysakowski, Linda: Capital Campaign Tips for Small Hospitals
  • Macnab, Sandy: Seven Things You Must Learn from Your Next Campaign Feasibility Study
  • Wester, Lynne: The Naming Game: Creative Ways to Permanently Recognize Your Hospital Donors
  • Wineinger, Cris: How to Launch a Hospital Capital Campaign from Zero: A Case Study (Q&A
  • Wineinger, Cris: How Your Hospital Can Run a Successful Endowment Campaign (Q&A)


  • Clemence, Abby: Eight Easy Steps to Turn Cold Calls into Corporate Partners
  • Lysakowski, Linda: Raise More Money from Your Business Community


  • Ahern, Tom: Loverizing: The Lucrative Difference a Few Well-Chosen Words Will Make in Your Hospital Donor Communications
  • Chamberlin, Frank: Your writing toolbox for more impactful fundraising
  • Goossen, Gayle: Ten Tips for Finding and Telling Stories that Inspire Your Hospital Donors to Give
  • Grow, Pamela: The Power of Thank You
  • Jacobwith, Lori: Finding and Telling Powerful Stories that Raise Lots of Money for Your Hospital
  • Kravinchuk , David: Thanks a Million: How to Boost Donor Loyalty and Revenue with Simple Stewardship Strategies
  • McKinnon, Harvey: 11 Questions Every Hospital Donor Asks
  • Pitman, Marc: Are You Telling the Top Five Stories that Every Hospital Must Tell?


  • O’Byrne, Maeve: Top Tips for Hiring and Retaining Hospital Foundation Fundraising Staff
  • Sudol, Ted: Solo Success: How to Survive & Thrive When You’re the Only Fundraiser at Your Hospital
  • Twiford, Lise: Managing and Fostering Your Hospital Development Team


  • Blease, Kimberley and Peter Seybold: How Digital Integration is Driving Success in Healthcare Fundraising
  • Garnett, Ryan: Integrated Fundraising on a Small Budget: A Primer for Hospitals
  • Olsen, Andrew: Build an Integrated Fundraising Strategy for Your Hospital


  • Angeletti, Jay: Metrics-Driven Major Gifts: Creating the Perfect Balance Between Metrics and Customized, Creative Principal Gift Relationships (Q&A)
  • Axelrad, Claire: Anatomy of a Major Gifts Ask: The Art and the Heart
  • Carlson, Diane: Major Gifts for Your Hospital: How to Do the Ask
  • Carlson, Diane: Prospect Research: What You Need to Know Before you Solicit a Major Gift Prospect
  • Heim, Marcy: Creating a RAP! (Relationship Action Plan)
  • Heim, Marcy: Creating Life-Long Major Giving Relationships – A Team Sport!
  • Perry, Gail: Where to find more major donors for your hospital foundation
  • Raff, Larry: Determining How Much to Ask for in a Major Gift
  • Raff, Larry: Building Rapport is the Key to Major Gift Success
  • Smith, Jerry: Securing Major Gifts for Your Hospital Foundation: Expect to Win
  • Smith, Jerry: How to Overcome the 10 Familiar Faults Found in Hospital Fundraisers
  • Stroman, Kent: Asking about Asking: Mastering the Art of Conversational Fundraising
  • Twiford, Lise: Measuring and Managing Your Hospital’s Major Gift Fundraising Metrics


  • Goossen, Gayle: Engage Your Hospital Donors (and Increase their Loyalty) with Content Marketing Q&A


  • Miller, Carrie: Online Fundraising: Getting Your Hospital on the Road to Success
  • Semple, Maria: How to Use Social Media to Acquire Supporters and Raise Funds


  • Angeletti, Jay: Physician Partners: Informal and Formal Engagement Strategies/Tactics that Transcend Today’s Challenging Landscape
  • Holt, Susan: Bold Plans. Bold Asking: Coaching Your Board and Physicians in Capital Campaigns for Bold Results
  • Weisman, Carol: Help Your Physicians Become Productively Involved in Fundraising (Q&A)


  • Bendeddouche, Amel: How to Raise Bequests for Your Hospital with Direct Mail
  • Eustace, Leah: Create Effective, Engaging and Inspirational Bequest Marketing for Your Hospital
  • James, Russell: The Words that Work in Major and Planned Gifts
  • James, Russell: Inside the Mind of the Bequest Donor
  • Macnab, Sandy: How to Find Planned Giving Prospects for Your Hospital
  • Mikaelian, Viken: Four Easy Planned Gifts Your Hospital Can Receive
  • Sagrestano, Brian: Dying to Donate to Your Hospital? Conducting Planned Giving when Your Donor is Making End-of-Life Decisions
  • Sagrestano, Brian: How to Engage Professional Advisors to Find Donors for Your Hospital


  • Truhlar, Sherry: Five Steps to a Better Silent Auction: Easy Changes for Higher Revenue
  • Truhlar, Sherry: Double Your Hospital Foundation Auction Revenue in 15 Minutes with a “Fund a Need”


  • Butler, Stephen and Michael Johnston: Building the Fundraising Hospital of the Future
  • Holt, Susan: Are We there Yet? Where is Your Culture of Philanthropy Today?
  • Raymond, Susan: The Imperative of New Approaches to Fundraising Strategy for Hospitals – Q & A
  • Raymond, Susan: The Ascendency of Women

Sign up for free

Phew. That’s quite a list! And you get it free. You can read all the details and register at

If you miss any of the presentations, you can purchase all the recordings at: Then you’ll be able to go over them again and again. And be able to share them with your team.

I hope you’ll join us!

Grateful Patients Programs - The Hospital Fundraising Summit5 Top Stories - The Hospital Fundraising Summit

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