[Question Marc] Help! My board wants to do another event!

Dear Marc, Help!! My board wants to do ANOTHER fundraising event! We're already doing 10 events a year. How can I tell them we don't have the resources to do another one? Stressed in San Diego My Answer Dear Stressed, Oh no! I definitely feel your pain! I think your board is living out the

[Question Marc] What are the best donor management systems?

I get lots of questions similar to this all the time: Quick question: Do you have a few favorite donor database software recommendations. Especially for collecting donor giving habits. My answer Here are the ones I hear good things about from clients. I'm most familiar with RaisersEdge but am seriously impressed by Bloomerang. RaisersEdge (You

[Question Marc] Conversation starters for cold calls

I recently received this question from a client: I have a question for you. I have a list of wealthy prospects, many have given our hospice small dollar amounts thru memorials. My intent is to build a relationship with them, can you give me an example of what to say to get that first visit?

[Question Marc] How do I recruit new board members?

From time to time, I have a feature I call Question Marc?. [Pun fully intended] A coaching client who is a board member for an arts organization recently sent me this question: We are trying to quickly build up our board since it is small. I am planning on asking 3 people. I think they

[Question Marc] How do we get more people to open our email?

I recently received this question from a reader in South Africa: Just a quick question.... Do you have any resources or help that can ensure that we get more people to read our mails? We have an extremely low rate of about 11% at the moment. My answer: Getting more people to open your email

[Question Marc] When do you ask a person on Twitter to follow you?

I just received this question: When is there an appropriate time to ask someone on twitter to follow you? My quick answer is "never." Asking people to follow you on Twitter makes you sound a bit whiny and desperate. Following is a personal thing. People follow others that seem to provide them value. Value can

Can The Second Mile survive this scandal?

Over the weekend, a friend asked me if The Second Mile had any chance of surviving. After all, it now looks like it's founder, Penn State's Jerry Sandusky, created it as a place to prey on children. Can a nonprofit overcome this type of scandal My first reaction was "no way." No matter what good