Earlier this month, I mentioned how excited I was about the products that I’ve got coming out this year. Today, I get to announce another really cool offering: the “Ask Without Fear! DVD”!

Many of you who’ve read my book or attended my seminars have asked for a DVD version. Something you can use for your own development and something of such quality that you could use it to train your board or your staff.

This DVD is my answer to that request. You can learn more at www.FundraisingCoachDVDs.com. There’s even a video of me introducing the DVD.

In the Ask Without Fear! DVD, I cover specifics on things like:

  • How to do prospect research for free
  • How to get your board involved in helping you rank prospects
  • How to figure out what levels of gifts you should be asking for
  • Specific ways to identify and overcome objections–and make fun
  • A very simple technique one fundraiser used to have 30% of his $1,000 donors more than double their gift

And in the resource CD, I include forms I talk about on the DVD, things like a ranking tool you can print out to use with your board, a sample pledge form, and a gift chart for raising $100,000. There’s even an actual case statement for you to see what one might look like.

Do you remember the CPI exercise from the book? On the DVD, I explain it to you. Then I have a section specifically designed to show your board or development committee. Rather than you having to explain it to them, I do it for you.

As an added bonus, I’m offering the first 100 purchasers a free one-on-one coaching session with me. Earlier this week I gave my email list first crack at those sessions but there are still a few left.

Can you tell that I’m pretty excited? This is a pre-release announcement. The DVDs will “hit the shelves” in a week or so. But I couldn’t wait to share it here on the blog! But you can check out the page now at: www.FundraisingCoachDVDs.com.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is reporting that early indicators suggest more people are planning to give to charity this year. Let’s make sure your nonprofit doesn’t miss out!

Learn more at www.FundraisingCoachDVDs.com

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