When it comes down to it, successful fundraising is about successfully executing the basics.

When you want to raise money for something, be sure to do these fundraising basics:

  • Research

    Remember, run your dollar goal through a gift range calculator. This helps you know what levels of gifts to be looking for.

  • Engage

    Before you ask a donor, you should ask them some interesting questions. It’s good to have a set list of questions to ask. And, of course, it’s important to actually interested in the donor’s answers.

  • Ask

    Asking needs to be clear. And respect the donor enough to actually include the dollar amount you’d like them to consider. These 2 phrases to use when asking for money will serve you well. Even better: practice the ask multiple times before you actually get to the conversation!

  • Love

    Make sure to show your gratitude. Vanessa Chase Lockshin and Shanon Doolittle share ways to make stewardship fun for you and your donor. One way is to cut the “activity report” and thank a donor with a story that resonates with what you’ve learned about them in the “engage” and “ask” steps!

These four steps are the basics that will help your fundraising stay focused.

If you want more, check out Ask Without Fear!. And if you’re struggling with doubt, you might like my new book, The Surprising Gift of Doubt.

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