2 phrases to use when asking for money

2 phrases to use when asking for money

I normally speak to large groups at conferences or to smaller groups of board members, but I’ve been privileged to do a lot of one-on-one major gift fundraising training this year. One of the most common questions I am getting from nonprofit employees and board...

The 3 best times to ask for money

Lots of us will be thinking about how to be more “green” since today is Earth Day. But how can we make our nonprofits more green? As in taking in more dollars? Ask! You knew that was coming, didn’t you? Asking for money is where the magic happens!...

New Year Resolution: Ask More!

Whether you love or hate New Year Resolutions, millions of people use January 1 to start new habits. As a result, I’ve been asked by several bloggers and magazines what New Year resolution I would suggest people make. My answer for nonprofit folks? Ask more. If...

Make some green this St. Patty’s Day

You’ve got a month. Have you figured out a way to use St. Patrick’s Day to raise some funds for your cause? What if you did a mailing along these lines: Dear _________, You’ve heard of the “luck of the Irish”? Well this St....
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