One way to avoid a failed capital campaign

Recently, I've been getting a lot of questions about capital campaigns. Some nonprofits are going into them wisely, knowing that they have one-time additional costs to be able to better fulfill their mission. Others are looking at a campaign like a "Hail Mary" pass - a last ditch effort to raise needed funds to operate

Fundraising Secret #79: Make Your Gift First

Have you ever asked someone trying to sell you a product if they use it themselves? It can be pretty illuminating. After all, if they don’t use the product, perhaps it’s not a good one for you to use either. So too with fundraising. If you’re asking for money, be sure to make your gift

Capital campaign feasibility studies on a shoe string

Here's a great question I got today: Hi, Marc! I've got a question for you.... Normally, I think it's best for a third party (read, consultant) to conduct a feasibility study. However, right now we don't have enough of a donor base to consider a wide-spread campaign (only about 250 donors last year). I'm considering