5 Surprising Fundraising Books for Your Summer Reading

It's July 2. Thousands of you are trying to pick up the pieces from the end of your fiscal year. It's time to let your hair down and enjoy a little rest. (Yes, I know that however well you did last year, on July 1, your goal was raised. You still need a break!) (Was

Bootleg clip from the AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference

I've never been bootlegged before. I'm not even sure that's the correct phrase! But Elaine Fogel recorded this from my Who's Telling YOUR Nonprofit's Story? session at the American Marketing Association's 2011 Nonprofit Marketing Conference last week in Washington, DC. The wider context for this segment is I'm illustrating how diverse our communication options are

Fundraising interview on The Pulse Network

Can't view the video? Go here: http://thepulsenetwork.com/technology/new-england-xpo-for-business/butch-interviews-marc-pitman/ Last month, I was with Chris Brogan's Human Business Works team at the New England Business Xpo. I had the chance to sit down and talk with Butch Stearns, the COO of The Pulse Network. In this fast-paced, 5-minute interview, we talk about fundraising, 501 Mission Place, and

Ask Without Fear turns 3 and is now worth $142.96

It's been three years since Ask Without Fear! came out! What a wild ride it's been! I wrote Ask Without Fear! because there were so many wonderful causes here in Maine with amazingly passionate volunteers, but they were chronically underfunded. A few could afford to hire me to come in and work with them. But

Fundraising Training Videos now available online!

I'm thrilled to be able to announce that my publisher, 501 Videos, has made the Ask Without Fear DVD set available online! Now you have the opportunity to get the DVD or have a lifetime membership to a site with the full set of videos, forms, and resources available to you wherever you are! Did

Fundraising training for libraries and librarians

I love libraries and believe their mission is as important in our digital age as they've ever been. So I'm working on a version of "Ask Without Fear!" specifically for librarians. I'm blogging my book at my new library fundraising blog Beyond Fines. Let's make this a conversation. I'd love your comments. And would you

The "Ask Without Fear!" DVD pre-release announcement

Earlier this month, I mentioned how excited I was about the products that I've got coming out this year. Today, I get to announce another really cool offering: the "Ask Without Fear! DVD"! Many of you who've read my book or attended my seminars have asked for a DVD version. Something you can use for