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A record number of people came to FundraisingCoach.com for fundraising help in 2013. Here are the the top 2013 posts based on website traffic! They cover everything from social media tips, to strategies on year-end fundraising, to how board members can be effective askers.

Top 13 Fundraising Posts Written in 2013

  1. Content calendar templates for social media

    Content calendars can help bring consistency to your social media outreach. Here are 5 types of calendars. And there are more in the comments!

  2. 21 Social Media Tips for Nonprofits from Top Experts

    I asked some of my colleagues who are social media experts what they would suggest nonprofits do to improve their social media outreach. Here is there advice! Again, there’s more conversation in the comments.

  3. The Secret Behind Year-End Fundraising Fall Appeals

    Letters are a staple in fundraising. And can be quite effective. But only if you observe rules like these.

  4. What an Effective Email Fundraising Subject Line

    This post about an email appeal subject line that impressed me got a lot of readers thinking about how they could improve their appeals too!

  5. Throw Statistics Out of Your Fundraising Letters

    Writing fundraising letters isn’t rocket science, but it is counterintuitive. One of the biggest things you need to learn is to throw out statistics. This posts shows you how.

  6. 16 Experts Tell You How To Keep Your Donors Wanting To Come Back

    Back in February, I was privileged to host the Nonprofit Blog Carnival. I asked how nonprofits could keep their donors wanting to come back. There are great tips for donor retention in this post!

  7. 3 Ways to Jumpstart Year End Giving by Planning Your Fall Fundraising Now

    In my experience, most nonprofits wait far too long to plan their year end fundraising. So last June, I share these three ways for you to get ahead of the curve. (It’s ok to start thinking about next December now!)

  8. [Guest Post] 15 Fundraising Mistakes That Have Already Been Made for You

    From time to time, I like introducing you to my colleagues. This post by Tom Harrison, the CEO of Russ Reid. He shares 15 things that nonprofits have proven to be mistakes. Since they’ve made them, you don’t have to!

  9. Does Amazon’s New “Smile” Mean a Windfall for Your Nonprofit’s Year-end Fundraising?

    I haven’t heard that Amazon’s new “Smile” program has significantly helped nonprofits. But this post about it proved popular! Don’t bank your fundraising on this program, but it may be worth seeing as an option to add to your mix.

  10. Amazon is Giving Away My Book for Free Today

    Last year, I wrote a book about how to getting started in social media for donor relations. The post about Amazon giving it away free seemed popular!

  11. 5 Surprising Fundraising Books for Your Summer Reading

    Constant reading and education is one of the most important things for fundraisers to do. But it’s important to have a good mix of leadership, people skills, and fundraising. Here are 5 picks you might want to put on your 2014 reading list.

  12. 7 Steps to Setting Up a Major Gift Solicitation Appointment

    The largest gifts don’t come from fundraising letters, and certainly don’t come from social media. They come from major gift asks. Face to face. In this post, I show you how to get an appointment for an ask.

  13. An Anonymous Letter to a Nonprofit Board Member on How to Fundraise

    The 13th most popular post written in 2013 was my letter to an anonymous board member. This is what I would want to tell any board member about their importance and their innate effectiveness for fundraising. As a volunteer, you’re more effective than you think!

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