Storytelling is for fundraising NOT for nonprofit marketing!

Shanon Doolittle on Storytelling at the Gates Foundation

I’m shocked at how people looking for solid fundraising tactics, simply blow off storytelling. It’s as though there is some cosmic organizational chart in the sky that has storytelling is on one side (the “marketing” side) and fundraising is on the other. Divorcing storytelling from fundraising will reduce your fundraising success! Even communicating research needs […]

Quick storytelling tip for nonprofit board members

Quick storytelling tip for nonprofit board members - The Power of Your POV

Being a nonprofit board member can be an exciting adventure. You’re part of something bigger than yourself, doing incredible work. But the joy tends to evaporate when you’re asked to talk about your nonprofit to your friends. My coaching clients often ask me questions like: “What do I say?” “Why would they care?” “What if […]

Nonprofit Marketing Tips from 19 Experts

Nonprofit Marketing Tips

A while ago, I was invited to be a guest lecturer at Brandeis. As my friend David Mersky was introducing me, I put this question across various social media platforms: RIGHT NOW: Nonprofit people, what marketing tips would you tell a graduate class on philanthropy? I’m guest lecturing at Brandeis right now and would love […]

[Guest Post] 7 tips for sharing stories about your nonprofit work


Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Lori Jacobwith. Lori and I have interacted over the last few years and finally got to meet in Minneapolis earlier this year. I’ve asked her to share her top tips on storytelling. You can check out her step-by-step storytelling system and you can follow her on Twitter @ljacobwith. […]

Don’t turn to the “dark side”

We fundraisers are a fascinating group of talented individuals. But this year, I’m seeing many of us talk ourselves out of asking for money, even when the donors have told us they’ll give! I guess it should make sense: successful fundraisers need to be good storytellers. But as they say, your greatest strength can become […]

Bootleg clip from the AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference

I’ve never been bootlegged before. I’m not even sure that’s the correct phrase! But Elaine Fogel recorded this from my Who’s Telling YOUR Nonprofit’s Story? session at the American Marketing Association’s 2011 Nonprofit Marketing Conference last week in Washington, DC. The wider context for this segment is I’m illustrating how diverse our communication options are […]

Influential Fundraisers Poll – Fundraising Magazine

a man's hand writing coach, vision, mentor, win, etc on a pane of glass

Earlier this week, I read Mark Phillips post Who should influence fundraisers? Make your vote count. In the spirit of his post, I’ll list the names of the 10 people I voted for. First, please choose to not be offended if your name isn’t on this list. I have the privilege of knowing many very […]